Forth of July Dinner
Owen, June, Lilly, and Eric
Camp in the Adirondacks
Trip planning in the hot tub
Moose, the cat
Nat wins gold in deserted Olympic town


After our return from Hawaii, we finished visiting with family throughout the Northeast. Luckily, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Joe were able to host us during one of the most difficult times to camp in the year; the 4th of July.

Eric had wanted me to see Nancy and Joe's place for quite sometime. They are both artistic and Joe is a master woodworker, so together they have built a stunningly beautiful and unique home. I loved every part of it! Their house really reminded us of our place on Montevina Road, and is similar to what we would love our future home to resemble.

We were lucky to spend four days in Warwick, New York hosted by Nancy and Joe, and their most adorable dog, Lilly. Not only did we have the time and space to plan the rest of our east coast trip, but were also treated to phenomenal dinners and one heck of a day on the lake.

Owen, Christina, and Vinnie were all able to join us for the 4th of July celebration. Joe had fixed up the boat just in time for a day on the lake, and it was a beautiful, warm summer day, complete with thunder storms in the distance. With beer and a tube ready to go, we all loaded the boat and had a blast on Greenwood lake. Seriously I can not remember the last time I giggled as much as I did while tandem riding the tube at breakneck speed with Christina. We all took turns to see who could hold on the longest, and who could kick the other off the fastest. I already said it was a blast, but it really was fucking fun. After taking a leisurely swim in the lake, we all headed back to Joe and Nancy's country house for a traditional American celebratory dinner; Bahn Mi hot dogs. I had never thought of this, but this style of hot dogs are now a staple for us. We enjoyed the rest of the evening together, and once again, I appreciated this time to get to know Eric's amazing extended family.

Warwick was a quaint historic farming town that I would have never associated with the state of New York. Complete with rolling green hills, cideries, and dairy farms, we had a delightful tour with Nancy as our guide. It was great to see the countryside of New York, and to be immersed in the daily lives of Joe and Nancy. Thanks guys!

Our last family visit was with Owen and Sarah outside of New Paltz, New York. Owen and Sarah were living in this bizarre, definitely-haunted multi-century mansion, and we were lucky enough to spend a weekend there. We had a wonderful time hanging out with them and their fur family, but if I had to wrap it up in my top three memories, it would be these: Hiking with Lilly and June (and Owen) through the woods, the movie 'What we do in the shadows' (thanks Sarah!), and Moose, their adorable cat, waking us up by wheezing and walking across our chests in the morning for some cuddles. We also ventured into the surrounding tiny towns. I discovered how delicious a pickle-on-a-stick can be in Woodstock, NY as we people watched putzing through a local music and food festival. Eric and I marveled at the exquisite craftsmanship of items in High Falls that can only be classified as old-timey knick-knacks for rich Manhattenites.

After we left the comforts of bumming off family, we headed north towards the Adirondacks with our new trailer in tow. We arrived in Lake Placid with high hopes for high peeks, which were quickly dashed by the arriving lightening storms. The first day having the “best” weather forecast, we decided to hike to one of the lower peeks, rooster comb. The hike was incredibly enjoyable. I was surprised by how lush the forests were, and as we approached the peak the broad leaf trees gave way to rocky open vistas. The forest was wet, dense, and diverse which is comforting to both Eric and I. Although we were sad we could not reach the intense, popular peeks due to weather, Eric and I were both extremely entertained in the Adirondacks.

The next day with weather conditions deteriorating and our available time to visit the area coming to an end, we traveled to the town of Lake Placid to see the giant crocodile. Actually, the town was adorable and filled with our first since of “Northern” due to all the winter sports paraphernalia. We completed the day with a tour of the Olympic stadiums from 1980 and a good haul from thrift stores. Arriving at camp still felt unreal as we continued our first week living in our luxurious [email protected] trailer.

9/10 would avoid getting stuck by lightening again.

Song: Menilmontant – Zazou

In the Long Run – The Staves

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